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ByggJobs is the link between experienced building professionals and well-paying jobs abroad. Sign up for our app today and join or establish a winning team of builders and construction pros!

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Connect With Potential Employees Quickly

Check out the two ways in which you can look up job-seekers to fill your vacancies

Browse Through our Database of Workers

ByggJobs gives you full access to the profiles of all available workers. Scan their skills easily, and find the perfect match for the opening at your company.

Open Job Contests for Each Vacant Position

Create a job ad and compile an archive of applications. Choose the best candidates now, but save the other contacts for the next round of team expansion.

Employee Hiring Process

Publish a Job Ad With Ease

Add an open position to your company’s profile on ByggJobs in a few simple steps. One click of a button opens an ad editing page. Once you fill out all details, tap “Post” and your job ad goes up.

Headhunt or Open a Job Contest

Our app makes it easy to find the perfect fit for your vacancy. You can either browse for the professionals and contact them directly or open a job contest and pick the best candidates.

Schedule Interviews Effortlessly

ByggJobs is here to facilitate the entire hiring process, including interview arrangements. Choose the top candidates, then instantly create and send interview invitations with all meeting details.

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Find Great Jobs in No Time

Set up your profile and start receiving tailored job notifications and offers now

Create Your Profile in a Flash

ByggJobs app is easy to navigate regardless of your digital literacy level. Profile editing option is the first thing you’ll find in the drop-down menu and filling out each profile section takes only a couple of clicks.

Find the Job That Suits You Best

Once your account is active, ByggJobs Home Screen will show you a list of all open positions. Turn on the filters to personalise the search and narrow down the list to the positions that match your skills and interests.

Get Interview Invites via ByggJobs

If an employer decides to contact you after reviewing your skills, they can immediately do so through the app. You’ll receive an interview invitation with meeting details that you can accept in a simple click of a button.